Day One

December 10, 2016. The day we moved ourselves and our horses into Devonwood Farm. The stable was painstakingly prepared, the horses moved in without a hitch, and we even had an owl take up residence on one of the fence posts to oversee the proceedings. This was a very good day.


Twelve Apostles

Just a short four-hour drive from Melbourne (yes, in Australia, four hours is a pretty short drive) along the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find the famous Twelve Apostles, magnificent rock stacks rising up majestically from the sea. Created by millions of years of erosion of the limestone cliff walls, these formations were left isolated from the shoreline and now stand up to forty-five meters tall.

Their beauty cannot be adequately described, and my pictures do not do them justice. You’ll have to go and see them for yourself. While you’re there, take the 86 stairs of Gibson’s Steps down the side of a 70 meter cliff wall to the beach, and let the tide swirl in around your ankles. Just don’t linger too long – there’s only one way back up!

Dreaming of New Zealand

We recently returned from a five week journey through New Zealand and Australia. Australia had been on my husband’s bucket list for, well, ever. And while it was every bit as amazing as we dreamed it would be, the place that really captured our hearts was New Zealand. The scenery is impossibly beautiful, and the people are the friendliest we’ve ever met. We can’t wait to go back some day. Here are some pictures to remind us of the beautiful day we spent driving to Cape Reinga, one of the northernmost parts of New Zealand’s North Island.